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Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way. 

Edward de Bono

Our Mission

Hoppipop! is a Digital Publishing & Product Design Studio whose mission is to create fun, engaging and inclusive educational products that can be accessible and sustainable in today’s frantic digital race. We believe in the growth of a "green" UX that can champion and support a green and inclusive future. Applying new technologies to create better products, where AR/VR/AI/Voice can be introduced and improve accessibility from everyday use to specialist learning.  

Creativity without discipline and processes never produce long-lasting results. Developing digital products in today's world requires a set of very specific skills, from User Experience Design processes to Visual Design best practice. Hoppipop! Online Art, Design & Creativity Bootcamp aims to bridge the gap between the technical and creative skills necessary to build a sustainable and inclusive future.


We always love hearing from  new clients, learners or freelancers who wish to learn more about our work and objectives.

Do you have a project idea you wish to develop into a successful product or you need to run a Design Sprint to look for new opportunities within your existing portfolio?

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